The SCAR:  “(Special Combat Assault Rifle).”

During the early 2000’s, the U.S. military was seeking a reliable, modular, accurate and powerful service rifle that would effectively replace the aging M16/M4 platforms.  Out of this program, was born other famous (and infamous) rifles such as the Magpul Masada (or the Bushmaster ACR, as it is now known as), Colt XM8, HK 416/417, and FN Mk. 16/Mk. 17 (or “SCAR-L” and “SCAR-H” respectively).

The SCAR platform won this competition and their bid to replace the M16/M4, but the ACR program was cancelled “due to budget constraints.”  However, the government had seen how potent the SCAR’s design actually was: It had the best ballistic coefficient out of all the other platforms, and greatest reliability and modularity.  Which means, right out of the box, the SCAR-H can shoot playing-card-sized groupings at 800 yard (731.52 meter) distances, will continue to perform even if it is CAKED with mud/dust/grime, can convert to the SCAR-L with conversion kits that are readily available for the platform, and is capable of adding a variety of barrel/rail extensions and accessories that give the rifle unparalleled modularity.  

Coupled with proprietary anodizing that keeps the rifle well protected from wear and tear (as well as proprietary heat-treating methods that allow the rifle to keep it’s peerless performance under all conditions), means that this rifle is one of the best (if not THE best) platforms on the open market today.  And is applicable for a myriad of competition settings and defensive applications. 

Or as King Harkinian would put it, “This piece is what all true warriors strive for!”

Specter Defense and Weaponry is proud to announce the Dinner Blaster Project, wherein we seek to reverse engineer this high-tech firearm, and then publically release the resulting blueprints for anyone to use to build their own SCAR-type rifle.  Hereby redesignated the DB, or Dinner Blaster, to avoid legal trouble with FN Herstal.

Why reverse engineer this rifle?  Let’s be honest, even a cheap, unlicensed copy of a SCAR with a silly designation inspired by an old YTP meme would be something to reckon with.

If this project is successful, we hope to reverse-engineer many other complex and highly-coveted firearms in the near future.

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Artwork created by Koimonster