Howdy, folks!  Just giving an update:  Unfortunately, I cannot take on custom “built-from-scratch” firearms commissions because we’re in a transitional period for my business in that we are trying to expand it.  In other words, me and my partner are trying to find a bigger place in which we can put my heavy equipment (such as my metal lathe, table saw, drill, wheel-grinder, etc).

For the time-being, my equipment is in storage while we look for a bigger place.  However, I can still do custom work on any orders with pre-made parts (such as trigger adjustments, barrel adjustments, enamel/bluing applications, ergonomic adjustments, grip/stock re-fitting, parts assembly, barrel heat-treating, weapon repair and weapon maintenance) as the blacksmithing shop that I’m currently renting space in has the equipment to complete those aforementioned tasks, at the very least.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.  Thank you all again for your continued support and patience.  You’re all beautiful!  :V