I hope my friends and family realize which side of the line I’ll be on if these race riots ever come to my home:  I’ll be on the side that is protecting bystanders, businesses, and emergency responders.
I still have my grab-bag under my bed with my body armor, load-bearing kit and weaponry. If it ever comes to me having to defend my home, the businesses near my home, or the people that live near me, I will be out there (as much of a terrifying prospect as that is) assisting with the protection of innocent lives.
Yes, there is a possibility that I might get hurt.
Yes, I will listen to the authorities since they probably have a better idea of what is happening on the ground and can guide me in how to better help the innocent people caught in the crossfire.
My sole concern will be the protection of innocent lives, and the lives of those who are just trying to help or get on with their existence.
I took an oath to defend the principles that were set forth by the Constitution and the people that abide by, and live under it.
I will not be released of that oath until I die, and God Himself says my duty is done.
For my friends outside the service and who are concerned with escaping the recent violence, stay safe, be vigilant, and listen to those with experience in stuff like this. That will save your life.
For my friends inside the service or are assisting with the protection and clean-up/rebuilding efforts from these riots, keep your head on a swivel, and keep your eyes on the horizon–never your feet, or the sky.
We’ll get through this… brighter days are sure to come.