Nathaniel Raleigh McLaughlin, “Old World” and “New World” Weaponsmith

From an age as early as eleven years old, I had always wanted to join the military. As I grew older, I became more and more familiar with the evils of this world, and became directly exposed to it when a family member of mine became the victim of an attempted murder. Coupled with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York, joining the service became a certainty for me. When I joined, I faced many trials almost from the outset. I was tall (about 6’5) and skinny (at roughly 150 lbs.). Coupled with the fact that I was (and still am) L.D.S. (that is, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) meant that I was frequently a target of mocking and ridiculing by other service members in both the lower and upper echelons of the ranks in my chain-of-command. Despite those obstacles, however, I made a few friends in the service which I still maintain to this day, I learned valuable life lessons, and helped my unit do great things on deployment.

The foremost amongst those things was acting as a sword and shield for the innocent and defenseless in Afghanistan. I’ve killed my fair share of Taliban and Al-Qaeda aligned insurgents who threatened those people. In so doing, I learned that there is true evil in this world and it needs to be fought against at every opportunity and assistance needs to be rendered to those who are exposed to it, or fight against it. And as a veteran with over five years of military experience, two years of training, schooling, and crafting experience in both ancient weaponry (blacksmithing) and modern weaponry (gunsmithing) I am well-equipped and extremely determined to accomplish that task. I have been trained by the likes of Matt Danielson (of Wasatch Forge), Nate Summers, and Michael Gerulat (of Utah Rifle). Even if I have been formally medically released from the service, I have not been released from my oath. And I never shall be released of it until God Himself says my work is done.

This is why I’ve created “Specter Defense and Weaponry” L.L.C. : To enable those who wish to preserve their life to better protect themselves, or assist those who are in the business of defending life by providing top-quality armaments at a reasonable price and without the hassle of government mandated hoops and rights-infringing, half-measures that a citizen has to jump through in order to protect themselves, their property, or other people.

If you’re not in the business of self-defense or defense of others and are a sportsman, hunter, martial artist or collector, then you have chosen the right purveyor for your armaments needs. I’m a third-party seller of weapons and accessories and my craftmanship in ancient weaponry is to the standard of the five Japanese Koto (sword-making) schools: Yamashiro, Yamato, Mino, Bizen and Soshu. For my part, I favor the “Soshu” school as blades from this style tend to be thicker (hara-kasane), the points tend to be stouter (chu-kissaki) and the edge and the subsequent curvature reinforcement thereof tends to be convex (hara-niku) and robust enough to keep a sub-micron edge. Even when used against tough material like hardened, 3mm steel plate.

If you have any other questions about me, my training or my inventory, drop me a line via my contact form. I would love to hear from you!